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North Wales based Stacey McNeill & Jonathan Smith are an acoustic singer/songwriter duo.

North Wales based Stacey McNeill & Jonathan Smith are a singer/songwriter duo, formed in early 2020.


​Stacey and Jonathan’s joint musical journey began by chance in early 2020 when the two realised their close musical alignment in song writing and harmony.

​Since then, the pair have co-written and created a number of songs from across the breadth of the singer-songwriter genres, with a lean towards an acoustic folk sound, complimented by hints of country and pop. With their song ‘Between the Lines’ reaching the finals in the internationally recognised Blues and Roots song competition, and a further three songs achieving semi-finalist status in the UK Songwriting Competition,  Stacey and Jonathan are set to release their third collection of self-penned songs in the summer of 2021.

​Taking influences in their individual and joint writing from the likes of Ron Sexsmith, Nanci Griffith, John Prine and The Civil Wars, the duo’s moving and heartfelt song writing provides an emotional, unfeigned look at the real world through the lens of earthy metaphors and delicate imagery. While leaning towards a largely acoustic sound, their more recent releases showcase the breadth of the duo’s style and musical flexibility, with songs from diverse genres including latin, contemporary ballads and American bluegrass.

Their new EP ‘New Strings. Old Guitars’ follows a debut EP ‘Leaving Autumn Town’ released in June 2020, and a full album ‘Parallel Lines’ in January 2021. Stacey and Jonathan’s music has also been well received by radio shows across the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada.

Formed in early 2020, Stacey and Jonathan have co-written and created a number of songs from across the breadth of the singer-songwriter genres, with a lean towards an acoustic sound, complimented by hints of folk, country and pop.  With an EP released in June 2020, the duo released their debut full album 'Parallel Lines' in January 2021. The album builds on the acoustic, stripped back sound that was heard in their early songs together, a style that has come to be a signature sound for the duo.

Following the success of their first release - which features Blues and Roots Song Competition finalist track 'Between The Lines' - as a collection, Parallel Lines further spans many genres of music, while still holding on to the simple, organic singer/songwriter feel. A number of the tracks on this album lean into the country/Americana area, including 'Hell Would Be An Easy Ride' and 'Like the Moon', a track that has an almost classic-retro feel, and recently impressed judges in the prestigious UK Songwriting Competition where it reached the semi-final stages. 

The album has a mixture of duets, harmony driven songs and a handful featuring primarily male or female vocals. With a sound and style that can at times be likened, at times, to The Civil Wars; Gram Parsons and Emmy-Lou Harris; or Gareth Dunlop & Kim Richey, listeners can expect a collection of reflective lyrics, sensitive melodies and captivating harmonies from Stacey & Jonathan’s increasing repertoire of original songs.