6 Track EP ~ Released June 2020

All songs written and performed by Stacey McNeill & Jonathan Smith

Produced by Jonathan Smith

Last Leaf
Between The Lines
Brave Spirit
Winds of Change
Mine To Call
The Secret Gardener
Caledonia Again
Running Out

"Stacey and Jonathan’s CD album “Leaving Autumn Town” lives up to its name - and to the artwork  on the cover – leaving the listener with a beautiful mellow feeling.


Elements of sadness are there, yes, but also love, peace and hope. These six original songs are lyrically clever, often poetic and the musicianship is first rate.  The mixture of their voices is just right – sounding like they’ve been singing together for ages when in fact this is a recent meeting of souls – Jonathan’s folk/blues and Stacey’s country style.

A brilliant  5 star album to put on when you’re chilling out in the back porch of an evening with a drink." 

Andy Beaumont - Musician